Ryanair Pilot Assessment Day (Feedback)

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Hi fellows!

Here is my story for the Ryanair interview that I would like to share. I hope this can help.
Profil: CPL IR/ME MCC in the UK, Modular training, 1200 hours TT. 1 ATPL retake, CPL 1st time pass, IR partial!

I applied first in March 2012. I reapplied with the new system in August 2015. I got a first email in November 2015 telling me that I would get a call from CAE in the next 7 days but I never got any call. One month later, they emailed me saying that my application was on standby until further notice…

07/07: new email saying that I’ll be called in the next 14 days
14/07: Call from Cindy (CAE) but I missed it as I was working. She left a voicemail saying that they would call again later.
15/07: Call from another guy (CAE), this time I answered and I passed the phone interview. He gave me the 28/07.

Ryanair Pilot Assessment Debriefing:

We met at 8 o’clock at the Ryanair headquarters. We were 8: 3 spanish, 1 italian, 1 German, 1 Swedish, 1 French and 1 from Macedonia.

We went in the briefing room and one of the assessors went through the briefing package we received by e-mail before.

Then they paired us. 4 went through the assessment in the morning and the others 4 the afternoon. So the morning was a long wait for some of us.

Started with the sim:

East Midlands runway 27
Cleared for WAL 2N, climb and maintain 5000′
After intercepting qdm 342 TNT, the assessor gave us vectors for general handling… Then, climb, descent and turns at a certain speed and bank angle.
After this, he freezed the sim and asked: show me where you are on the plate relative to EME NDB and IEME DME.
Then allowed us to prepare the aircraft for the NDB ILS DME Rwy 27 but the alternative procedure. We briefed the approach, descent Check, approach Check and configured flaps 5 170kts before passing the beacon, then intercepted localizer and glide, flew the ILS, visual on the runway about 300ft above minimas. Landed with a full stop.

My partner had exactly the same. No emergencies, no tricky stuff.
They want to see CRM and that is what we did with my partner, always talking to each other and trying to help the other as much as we could.

HR Questions

Tell us about yourself?
Why do you want to work for Ryanair?
Why did you do your training in the UK?
Have you tried ENAC selection? ENAC is the French national pilot school, the training is free if you succeed.
Have you done any others selections before?
How do you see yourself in 5 years?
If you are successfull with Ryanair, how will you manage to pay for the type rating?

Technical Questions

Questions on my current aircraft (I fly a P68B): Tell me about the electrical system? Tell me about anti / deicing system? What is the maximum ceiling?
How many seats in the 737-800?
How many cabin crew?
What is the clearway?
What’s screenheight?

I got a positive email 4 days later. Actually, 2 working days.

As far as I know, 4 of us got a positive answer.
At the beginning of the day, one of the assessor told us: ” You are 8, there is a place for all of you. No many airlines will tell you this… so guys! RELAX!” I can assure you than we didn’t…

I have done 2 hours simulator training the day before in Dublin with simcheck.ie and that was more than useful! I recommend them a lot! They are very very professional! And they know how to prepare you perfectly for the interview!

If you are invited for an assessment, I also recommend you to visit the Ryanair thread on PPRuNes forum which will help a lot. You will get many feedbacks from pilots! http://www.pprune.org/interviews-jobs-sponsorship/222538-ryanair-interview-sim-assessment-merged.html

Ryanair HeadQuarters 1Ryanair HeadQuarters 2Ryanair HeadQuarters 4Ryanair HeadQuarters 3Ryanair Giant ChessRyanair Stairway to HeavenRyanair Simulator HeadQuartersSimulator www.simcheck.ie

11 thoughts on “Ryanair Pilot Assessment Day (Feedback)

  1. Hi Tom!
    I paid 29500€ upfront for the type rating. This must be paid to CAE 1 month before the starting date!
    Good luck.

  2. Hi JohanAero,

    I would like to ask u about the technical questions, u had only 5 questions ? what about the other candidates, they gave them the same questions as u on that day?

    Thank you for your reply.

  3. Hi Mehdi,
    Thank you for your comment. I had very few questions yes, the interview is really straight forward. I cannot tell what the others guys got that day, but the same kind of questions come back regularly… There is no trick and the examiners really try to make you feel good! They’re looking for honest people, trainable and nice people to be with into a cockpit. I always say if I had to recruit someone, I would 100% choose someone like “medium pilot” but nice mentality rather than someone with perfect skills and knowledge but narrow-minded and you don’t feel good with. The behaviour is really important in Aviation.

  4. Hi John ,

    Just a question in regards to the references, when they ask for a reference from an “educational body” …which reference did you go with? I’m finding it hard to get in contact with my old university teachers and schools teachers ….and I know we aren’t allowed to use flight school instructors … help!! what should I do?!


  5. Hi Renee,
    Sorry for the late reply… For me I stayed in contact with one of my previous teacher from school but to be honest don’t worry too much about this reference. In the worst case, I would write the letter myself and put the right school or university contact details so if they really need to contact them, they can. But this is part of the recruitment process, it doesn’t mean that they will contact all of your references. This is also to see if you’re able to provide what they want and follow the procedure… I hope this helps

  6. Hi Mikeal,
    Since I went for the interview, it has changed. I believe the sim and personal interview is still similar to what I had a few years back. Concerning your question, I didn’t do an online assessment and this is what I am saying, they changed this process and I have no information about it. I had only a phone call before I went for the interview.
    However I used latestpilotjobs for different airline interview and I can only recommend, it will help to prepare for sure. I know sometimes, we don’t want to spend any money but it is not a good idea. Every single action counts to get closer and closer to your goal. I am not saying you will be successful because you bought this package but it can be part of it with many other things.
    Good preparation to you!

  7. Hey Johan!! I hope this message finds you well!!
    I’m doing my ATPLs now and I haven’t scored above 90 to all subjects I’ve done so far. I’m a little sad cause I wanted to get good scores. What’s your experience??
    Do they really care in Ryan air or they just care if you’ve passed them?? Thank you a lot in advance!

  8. Hi Maryelen. Thank you for your message. It’s normal to aim the best “scores” but don’t worry too much about this, it’s already good to pass them. In my personal experience, I had less than 90% average and even had 1 retake for one of the subjects. And I was hired. I don’t think I was an exception… so just focus on getting your licences, keep going on your goals and life will do the rest!! All the best to you!

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